the ipod-story

or: how to remove the 3G (4G, Mini, 5G) volume cap ...

NEWS:Since Kristoffer from Norway tested the new iMod on his 5G we can finally release it. (See below for donwload)

NEWS: Due server problems we're finally back. In the meantime some other just had the same "idea" and made their own tools. Which work on a very simmilar way.

NEWS: Window version of the hack is online! look below!

NEWS: Maybe there will be a Mac Version soon. We're working on it, but there is no real use for us. We even don't have a Mac. So we have to organize one first. Wer're poor students, so if you have 2 or 3 EUR left, you can help us already.

Tested successfull with: i-pod mini, 3G 10gb, 3G 20gb, 4G 20gb, 4G 40gb, 4G 60gb photo, 2G mini, 5G video, NANO!
danke für die jungs vom forum fürs testen!

a week ago i bought my first ipod - what a cute device. perfect sound, perfect design.
i had fun with it until i connected it to my car-amp. what was wrong? i didn't know now....
i could not push the volume as high as i could with my "rio riot".. might the rio be more powerfull?
i could not sleep the whole night. it could not be possible, my new + 300 EUR device can't be louder than my old diesel engine...
the same in my bedroom. connected to my sherwood ac3 amp...
again - google got the solution ... there is some kind of "cap limit" to reduce the volume. in my opinion THIS should be noticed on the box - this is not a full featured player. because you can't drive a amp with this.
i don't want to hear my music louder. i just want to be able to hear silent parts of some tracks and i don't like turning my amp to the max. just to hear anything. a fluke we got a mail from dr. matrix, a well known hacker, he send us some source code how to disable this limit. so now i can hear my music even when the engine is on, and i don't have to turn my amps over the limit.

it took some time until we figured out how to use the code from dr. matrix. but as you can see:
A is the full-featured ipod.
1 is the max. volume of the original europe ipod.


here you can download a little patch to enable your full-featured 3G ipod. (for 2.2 only)
hint: you can also use this tool to set the max. volume even lower. e.g. if kids use your ipod.
And finally:
here*new* windows version which should work for 3G, Mini 1G+2G, 4G and even 5G (Video) and NANO!

IF you want to link the mod, please link just this page, so if there are any updates there won't be old versions on your page!

W A R N I N G ! in any case, cap limit or not, you should be aware of ear-damage. remember: you only got this two ones. if you can't heare with them anymore - the ipod is worthless! do not turn the ipod louder as needed!

it took some time to develop this solution, if you like it feel free to donate. non-stupid questions to: ;)

many thanks for a little donation go out to:
[...], David (london), Lars, Astrid (de)

1. connect ipod to a linux box
2. load usb-storage module to gain access via /dev/sdX1
3. run the tool, supply the first partition of your ipod as argument
4. reset ipod
5. have fun!
6. if you like to restore your ipod, use the ipod-updater or "dd if=ipod_backup of=<ipod-firmware-partition>".

the output should look like this:
$./hack /dev/discs/disc1/part1 
   - original patch: Dr. Matrix in 2004 
   - patch fix and improvements: 
 backing up firmware... 
 !! firmware backup successful. 
 !! to restore, use "dd if=ipod_backup of=<ipod-firmware-partition>". 
 !! be careful not to overwrite your local harddisk! 
 ** everything ok! reboot player and check volume! 
 ** to disable the hack, just restore your original firmware. 

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